Price Shopping a New Car Dealers

Step 2: Get New Car Prices Online

How to Handle New Car Dealer Responses

After you have submitted your New Car Price Quote request using the online services we recommend, it is time to wait for responses.

Remember, shopping online saves time and hassle but it also must be handled properly to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings between you and the car dealer that is contacting you.

The Goal of the New Car Dealer versus Your Goal

Any trained car salesperson knows that to sell you a car they must get you into the Dealership ASAP! Remember, your goal is to collect prices on the types of vehicles you are interested in buying. You are not visiting a dealership at this point in time.

New Car Dealers may use hook lines like:

  • We are running a great sale on that specific model
  • We only have a few of those cars left
  • I guarantee you the lowest price
  • We show everyone the invoice on the car
  • Our big blow out sale ends tomorrow
  • Gather all your prices and bring them to me and I will beat them

The list goes on! Remember, the sales person wants to get you off the phone and into the dealership. Nothing wrong with that, it is his job!

Here is what you should expect from car dealers:

  • Some will give you a Price on a base vehicle with very few options to keep the price quote low.
  • Some responses will NOT give you a price, but will have some kind of sales pitch encouraging you to come down and see them assuring you they will give you a great price.
  • Some responses will be a canned automated email followed by a phone call.
  • You may receive an email that includes a video of the sales person talking to you direct or a video of the car itself.
  • And of course, you may even get an email that addresses your needs straight up and includes pricing with info about the different options available.

I prefer it when a dealer sends prices on a few actual vehicles on their lot, because in the end you are buying a car that already exists, so that is what you want pricing on. It also shows that they took the time to do a little investigating for you.

For the dealers that do not send you pricing or send canned email responses, you have their contact info and at this point make it clear to them that you will not do business with them if they do not send you the information you want.

Only one dealer will earn your business, and you may have to travel a little to get the best deal.

Here is a sample email you could send out to these dealers,  letting them know you want some prices:

Dear Mr Salesperson,

Thank you for your prompt response to my request for a new (make). I’m interested in buying a new car within the next (insert time frame).

Although I appreciate your quick response, you did not include any pricing to compare with other Dealers in my area that I have also contacted. 

Could you please provide a price for a [year] [make] [model]? Please specify all applicable fees and add-ons including destination and documentation fees.

If you cannot provide me a price quote on the vehicle, that is fine but I will remove you from my list of Dealers to speak with.  To be completely upfront, I have already researched the invoice prices on the car so please do not email me the MSRP as your price.

Again, I’m interested in acting quickly, so please provide as much information as possible on your available cars including the VIN#(s) so that I may make an informed decision.


Handling Phone Calls from the Car Dealer

new car buying on the phoneIf you included your phone number with your new car price quote request, expect phone calls.

Many of the initial emails are automated templates with generic messages. I know it is a stupid way to do business, but a lot of car dealers think this is more efficient.

These generic email responses may encourage you to call the dealer or you may receive a call soon after you receive the email.

Do not give out information personal information over the Phone!

If the Car Dealer calls you, stay focused on your goal. As you read earlier, they will use every sales tool in their arsenal to compel you to come down right away, or give them personal information over the phone.

Assure the salesperson that you will come down once you have gathered the information you need. Let them know you have contacted several Dealers and do not intend to visit any of them until you are ready.

Once a car salesperson knows you are serious about price first, they will either provide you with the right information or blow you off. Yeah, some lazy sales people may blow you off to move on to a less informed shopper. That’s ok, you didn’t want to buy from him anyway.

Feel free to ask questions and probe the sales person regarding the details of the cars you are interested in.

DO NOT under any circumstances give out personal information, payment info, or budget info. This is important!!!

A great way to save time and money looking for New Car Prices online!

There are dozens of new car buying services online, but very few actually go out and find the best prices and give them to you.

At first car dealers hated to deal with these new car buying services but have learned to accept lower selling prices in return for more cars sold!