How To Buy A New Car

Goal: Get Your Best Price on a New Car

Step #1: Do Your New Car Search Online

At this point you are ready to find the best deal on a new car and have already taken care of the car buying tips below. Remember your goal here is to get the best deal on a new car, so do not take any short cuts.

Car salespeople are hoping that you will miss one piece to the new car buying puzzle so they can jump on it and pump up the profit!

  • You have done all your preliminary homework.
  • You know what type of car you need and can afford based on a 3-5 year loan.
  • You have visited your closest dealer and test driven your top choices. (DO NOT BUY YET!)
  • You have a copy of your credit report and FICO score.
  • You already have a approved car loan through an online lender or your bank that clearly states the best interest rate and monthly payment.

Now it is time to find the right Car Dealer in your area to get your new car deal.

Make a list of the makes and models you are interested in and immediately go to the NADA new car prices sections and find the invoice price on each vehicle.

Make sure your printout has all the available options and the invoice price on each.

Start Your New Car Search

Get Internet Price Quotes online from local Car Dealers

It is so easy to contact car dealers online and get new car price quotes without leaving your house. There are many online services now that contact the car dealers directly with your request and the dealer then contacts you.

We recommend that you use as many online new car services as possible because different services have different car dealers in their networks and you want to hear from as many dealers as possible.

Start your new car price search by clicking the links below:

Use All of the New Car Buying Services Below! We advise you to get as many responses from car dealers as possible. 

  1. Buy New Cars online with CarsDirect

Most dealers have the car you want, but with different option packages, which will affect the new car price quotes you receive.

Make sure you get detailed information about the exact options on each car.

Important: Make sure you also have the invoice cost of every available option. Buying a car at invoice price only works if you buy the option upgrades at invoice also. Otherwise the dealer may charge you MSRP on all your upgrades, costing you hundreds of dollars.

Check for car rebates and any other specials that may be available. The best place to find what current car rebates or financing specials are available is right on the manufacturers web site.

Qualify Dealers and hit the street. After filling out and sending price quote request forms, you should start to receive responses from Car Dealers regarding your requests.

This is where information gathering begins, and you must determine how far you are willing to travel to buy, and also compare prices quoted by dealers with online services such as NADA New Car Prices.

You may find several vehicles that you like, so keep track of your prices, contact the dealers about availability, and go test drive them.

Write down the salespersons name that you deal with so if you go to the dealer you know who you are dealing with and they will already have your information on file.

If you just show up you will probably end up with a floor salesperson and will have to start from scratch. Bring any emails you received as well as your invoice copies from Kelley Blue Book.

Just the facts! When talking with the car dealer on the phone or via email, there is no need to get into personal details. They don’t need to know you have your loan already or that you know your credit score. Just gather your info until you are ready to go in and negotiate. Tell them you are a serious buyer and a qualified buyer. Never give personal info over the phone or email.

Be prepared to travel! If a local car dealer refuses to give you a price unless you come in, or won’t answer your email questions, do business elsewhere. You may live in an area where the Dealers refuse to work with you on price, and you must use the Internet to get a better deal down the road. 

You will find that there are many Internet Sales Professionals online that are more than willing to give you the info you need, so be patient. Using e-mail and the telephone should enable you to work with numerous car dealers and put together your deal before leaving home. Take down names and numbers.

Visit all the car dealers on your list and do not be pressured into buying anything unless you are 100% certain it is a good deal and it’s what you want. Use common sense and do not let your emotions get the best of you. 

This is one of the main reasons many people end up buying a type of vehicle they regret several months later. If a salesperson tells you it won’t be here tomorrow, don’t worry, if it is gone, buy something else, but do it under your time frame. When shopping online, in many cases you can narrow it down one car dealer, and only make one trip to purchase the vehicle.

Important: Bring your notes (invoice prices, blue book values, current interest rates, your credit report etc..) with you when you go to the car dealer.

Bring a pen and notepad with you and write down notes, prices, stock numbers etc.. This sends a direct message to the sales rep that you are prepared to do business and have done your homework.

A real Internet Sales pro will appreciate this because it will help the sale move faster. Keep in mind that although the dealer may make less profit on an Internet sale, he more than makes up for it on the time saved and sales volume.