New & Used Car Buying Tips

Are you ready to take the stress out of finding and buying a new or used car?

car buying tips

Since 1996 we have been helping buyers find the best deals by using the power of the Internet! The information age has truly given the power to the consumer when it comes to car buying.

Although dealers have grown accustomed to smaller profits they are always coming up with new tricks and some cases, scams to squeeze more out of your wallet! We help you keep your guard up as you search for the right vehicle at the best price!

New and Used Car Buying Blueprint

Buying a new or used car has a lot of moving pieces. We have done our best to lay out a blueprint to help you take the proper steps required to not only get the right car, but negotiate the best deal while avoiding the latest dealer tricks.

There are many aspects to buying a car and ignoring one aspect will cost you money.

Handing You the Keys to the Information You Need to Find and Buy a New or Used Car!


If you are searching for good accurate information regarding the total process of buying a new or used car you are right where you need to be.

There are many good car buying guides on the Internet, some free and some charge for car buying tips.

We will offer you good information on the total process and hopefully you will use this info and avoid paying too much or worse yet, getting ripped off.

There is a large amount of information in this site. If you want to get the best car buying experience and receive the best deal you must read all of it.

When Buying a New or Used Car, Information is Power!

When using any online car buying tips  service that claims to be the best, remember one thing!

There are NO GUARANTEES! We cannot stress the importance of doing your own homework. No online car service can guarantee you the lowest price.

Only you can do that.

How? By having all your information in order, and using your computer instead of your car to search for the best deal. Using the car buying tips in this web site should help you on your way to a better deal.

We hope you are able to save time and money using Car Buying Help Online, as well as the many other resources the Internet has to offer Car Shoppers. There are many people like yourself that just want to make sure they are getting a good deal on a new or used car, and a fair price for the trade in.

If you do your research, put your best deal on the table, stand firm, and let the seller know that you want to buy on your terms, you should remove most of the stress that car buyers dread so much. Plus, you should be able to spend less time at the Dealer.

The Truth about Car Salespeople and Dealers

Because of their tainted history, new and used car salespeople have been painted with a broad brush as being scam artists. Thanks to the Internet many dealers have changed the way they do business.

Profits on new cars have gone down over the years, and the power of online reviews has caused them to rethink how they treat the process of selling a new car. If you do your homework, you should already know what to pay for a new car.

It is the negotiating process that determines how much money you are giving away, especially in the finance office when the real profit grabbing takes place.

The biggest profit centers at most car dealers lies in the service department and the used car department. If the dealer is buying used cars right and pricing its trade ins to make profit, there is always a good mark up and you the buyer do not know what they are into the car for.

Car Dealers deserve to turn a profit

Remember, it is a business and to survive they must make money. However, they do not deserve to use tricks and scams to increase profit at your expense. Unfortunately there are car dealers out there that are out to squeeze you for every nickel and will use deceptive practices to accomplish that goal.

Here are some tips when dealing with a car salesperson and Finance rep:

  • Have your notes and paperwork with you at all times.
  • Don’t lie to the salesperson – It makes you no better then them.
  • Do not show emotion – Negotiate from strength based on your research and notes
  • Be professional – do not lose your cool.
  • Be prepared to walk out – it’s your money not theirs.
  • DO NOT talk monthly payment, talk selling price!
  • Bring a third party – this can help create a buffer zone
  • Read your sales contract carefully – do not sign until every cost is clear

Good luck on your journey and feel free to contact us with any questions or stories you would like to share!